Pray for those peoples who dead in MH17 and Israel Gaza War

Pray for those peoples who dead in MH17 and Israel Gaza War

What's on going the #TheWorld?

#Israel #Gaza #War


Many of innocent children, men and women are dying in the #Israel #Gaza #War. Again #MH17 someone shot down and almost 300 peoples were dead from many countries. That's too bad.

Why identifying the case that
Is the Cold War back?
Is there blood on Putin's hands?
Did Malaysia Airlines ignore red flags before MH17 crash?
Many of blaming and arguing each other.


Most the countries leaders who own strong weapons around the world are pushing that case to another #WorldWar again, I guess. There are many thing about economy, politic and weapons.

Social medias are yet realize and distribute the news that many chances to happen.

I am just simply think the case what was happened, not a mistakenly shot down and not a simple minor case. Therefore, no matter who shot down #MH17 will never allowed international investigator to investigate in details. Yes, they might allow general investigation just for show because the only reason they do not want to announce and challenge the world to happen #WorldWar.

Unnecessary to ask and create many question by many intelligent peoples around the world. Unnecessary to recall history. Unnecessary to identify who shot down exactly since the world know who made it.

What for investigation and identifying?

Do you what to set the rules which is "something not to do" for every countries around the world? I don't think that could be happened.

Alright.. Next, Do you want to revenge and shot back? If Yes,

Don't waste time on investigation, just shot.

Very clear that must be only one conclusion to negotiate for peaceful world.

Please think for the families member who have been dying in the current #Israel #Gaza #War and who involved in #MH17 crush.

Please think for the human life.

The peoples are dying not for another #WorldWar.

If someone who can make the peaceful world then they could be RIP.

However, I pray and wish for all those people who dead, RIP..!

May the world peaceful.


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