Offer For Volunteer Services

Offer For Volunteer Services

What's my offer?

I would like to offer my Website Services as volunteer for those organizations are participating in development of Myanmar Country. So please contact me if you require. Welcome for educational organization, helping homeless and elder people's.

Why I offer this website service?

As everyone know, any of organization compulsorily require for a proper website and as well as other social sites the purposed of easier communication and transferring data or share news things each other around the world.

Nowadays many of social pages like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and other webpage with free registration.

But the time concern, well formed design, idea's on engaging new visitors/customers to your website, to appear your website on Google search engine and else reasons were necessary and extremely important for website. Let me share how does it important.

  1. Open your internet browser and go to Google Search "".
  2. Type your name "yourname" and enter. Look your name search results.
  3. Again, type my name "winpaingsoe" and do the same procedure.
  4. You would see the differences yours and mine.

Almost everyone's around the world are doing the same. When they need the references (example: need to buy something, go somewhere unknown places, find a book or other references) by typing in Google Search or other search engine. I believed you would do the same.

How I can offer?

I do not collect any single cent for that volunteer services.

What I would like to request?

Giving regular data/news to maintain website traffic.

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